Nera Smart Eng

A.R. Brewing Nera

Dark Ale

Ingredients: water, barley malt (contains gluten), barley flakes (contains gluten), sugar, locust-tree's honey, hop, yeast, cinnamon.

Double malt, high fermentation beer, not pasteurized, not filtered. Black color, lively, creamy and coffee-milk coloured foam. 

Aroma is dominated by malt with light taste of bitter chocolate. Dense body, typical taste of roasting coffee with notes of honey, cinnamon, hop and toasted nuts. Bitterish aftertaste of licorice and coffee. 

Good with mussels, grilled and stuffed meat, spicy cheese, creamy desserts with intense taste.

Available in bottle of 33 cl, 75 cl and magnum of 1,5 lt.

Color: 79 EBC

To be served at: 7-12 ° C

Alcohol: 6,2 °

Glass of service: Cup

Bitter Unit: 50 IBU 








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