Frumento Smart Eng

A.R. Brewing Frumento

German Weizen

Ingredients: water, wheat malt (contains gluten), barley malt (contains gluten), barley flakes (contains gluten), sugar, hop, yeast, lemon peel. 

High Fermented Beer, not pasteurized, not filtered.  

Light hazelnut color, white, fine and persistent foam.

Fresh and delicate aromas with light tastes of banana and lemon. At first taste presents sweet malted note, a light acidity and dry final with spicy tastes.

Good for starters, pig meat dishes, fresh or herborinated cheeses.


Available in bottle of 33 cl and 75 cl

Color: 12 EBC 

To be served at: 6-9 ° C

Alcohol: 5,3 °

Glass of service: Weizen Glass

Bitter Unit: 12 IBU







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