Americana Smart EN

A.R. Brewing Americana

American Pale Ale

Ingredients: water, barley malt (contains gluten), sugar, hop, yeast.

High fermented beer, not pasteurized, not filtered. Amber colour, fine and creamy foam, mid persistence.

Flavour of citrus fruits with notes of pine, juniper, apple and green pepper. Delicate body, with fresh and citrusy taste and dry end. 

It is good with first dishes with artichokes and chicory, grilled meat, fried fish, fried vegetables with beer batter and grilled vegetables. 

Available in bottles of 33 cl and 75 cl.

Color: 16 EBC

To be served at: 6°-9° C

Alcohol : 5,5 ° 

Glass of Service:  American Pint

Bitter Unit: 37 IBU





Rossa  Frumento   Nera Quercus  Bianca  Americana Ipa






 Quercus Bianca 
Americana Ipa